Firstly, let me apologise for not updating this blog more regularly. When I began it about a year ago, I had envisioned that I would be much more active, writing a new post every few weeks. That clearly didn’t happen. I am hoping to do better in 2015, hopefully with a lot of exciting things to report.

With that said, the second half of 2014 did see some important developments for the PhD project. Notably, more analysis was undertaken of the Roy Map and further discoveries of drained lochs and forgotten crannogs. There was some fieldwork undertaken, including a quick survey of an intriguing feature at Loch Kinord. I also attended the 5th International Congress of Underwater Archaeology held in Cartagena, Spain in October. I presented some of my work there and it was very well received. All of the talks I attended were interesting, and it is clear that the field of underwater archaeology is expanding and developing in all sorts or new and exciting directions.

Very recently, I heard news that I will be able to do some photographic analysis of artefacts found in and around Loch Kinord that are held within the University of Aberdeen’s Museum Collections. The artefacts that I will be examining are a range of incredible finds, discovered mostly in the 19th century. They include, among others, a carved wooden paddle radiocarbon dated to the 11th-12th century AD, a carved stone ball, and 2nd-3rd century AD Roman glass bottle that was ‘fished’ out of the loch. This bottle will be on display at the University of Aberdeen’s King’s Museum from 20 January in the Crafting Kingdoms: The rise of the Northern Picts exhibition. I will be sure to provide some updates on this work very soon.

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